Betty Kirkpatrick

The Concise Oxford Thesaurus. A Dictionary of Synonyms.

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Santrauka: A thesaurus is an essential companion to a conventional dictionary, and a powerful aid to better writing and speaking. This new thesaurus combines all the features of an up-to-date A-Z thesaurus with thematic coverage of a wide range of vocabulary, including proper names. It also provides antonyms through cross-references to sets of opposite terms. * Over 350,000 synonyms and antonyms * Easy-to-use A-Z format * Over 400 tables for thematic vocabulary sets, alphabetically placed throughout the text providing access to thousands of useful words not available in a conventional thesaurus * Clear sense divisions and useful example phrases * Commonest synonyms listed first * Full labelling of words which are literary, informal, technical, etc * Ideal for word-games Keep this book beside you and increase your command of English language.

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